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Best Year Yet is the most successful international Results Generating programme with an unparalleled track record of success for transforming the lives of individuals, improving the performance, sales, productivity and profitability of businesses and organisations, both large and small, for over 30 years.

Over 1 million individuals world-wide make their personal Best Year Yet plans every year, and the Team and Cascade programme is used by over 850 organisations.

Its founder, Jinny Ditzler, is still involved in the organisation, though since it was sold by Jinny and her husband, Tim, last year she limits her activities to coaching and writing columns for the online newspaper, The Huffington Post.

Best Year Yet, over the years has helped generate many extraordinary results and achievements, some of which are highlighted below, for your information.

It has many fans, from top leaders in business, finance and industry both in the UK and internationally, as well as keen advocates from the creative sector, including internationally bestselling authors, the world of West End Theatre and television production, as well as household name actors and leaders in the world of sport.

In 1994, the then Channel 4 Business Programme devoted its entire hour to following the setting up and successful launch of NatWest Life, which within 4 short years started with sales of zero to being sold for $1 billion in 1999.

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In 1995, Jinny Ditzler wrote the international bestselling book, Your Best Year Yet, which has remained in print for 17 years and sold well over 1 million copies.

It is well known for its impact on the most successful ascent of Everest, in 2001, in which five world records were broken, including the first blind man, Erik Weihenmeyer, and the oldest man at the time both reaching the summit – as did all 19 members of the expedition. A Team Best Year Yet plan was created at base camp, led by the expedition’s Technical Director, Michael O’Donnell, who was also a Best Year Yet Programme Leader. They stuck to the plan, and overcame many difficulties, including O’Donnell running out of oxygen two thirds of the way to the summit! All returned to base camp safely.

However, Best Year Yet is best known for Team and Cascade Programmes and its impact in transforming the fortunes of senior teams in multi-nationals, large and small businesses, such that they have their most successful year ever, often year after year. The Individual Programme enables entrepreneurs, independent professionals and business owners – as well as private individuals – to generate results they scarcely thought possible, both for their companies and for them in their private lives.

An integral part of the success of the Best Year Yet programme is PROTM (Producing Results Online). This was developed initially in 2002 and is jam packed full of Leadership material and a12 month audio programme support programme.

With key advocates and users of the programme including Martin Shaw, Bill Kenwright, Rory Underwood, John Peters, Celia Brayfield, Lawrence Churchill and a host of leading successful Business Leaders, it is the ideal support tool for what you want to create in your business, as well as in your personal life.

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